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stichting Sukacita aan het werk op Bali

stichting Sukacita aan het werk op Bali

Sukacita Foundation has founded a Knowledge and Information Centre in Bali. The aim of Sukacita Foundation’s centre is to share their expertise about children with intellectual disabilities with the teachers at special schools and with the community in Bali.

Sukacita Foundation researched the existing knowledge of children with an intellectual disability in Bali. It has studied Bali’s current educational system and observed many special education schools. Based on its findings Sukacita Foundation has set up its own specialized knowledge and information centre with the purpose of sharing this knowledge with the people involved in education.

It is therefore not Sukacita’s aim to actually provide education to the children with an intellectual disability, but to share knowledge and experience with those working in the existing system. Sukacita Foundation is led by skilled project leaders in collaboration with the Indonesian Foundation: Suryani Institute for Mental Health.



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