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Download our books, posters and the Picto-Selector program. And get to know more about how to use this in practice.

 Book Unique Child.

Every child has their own level, qualities and pace of developing. In practice a child with an intellectual disability needs a little more assistance. Via a simple theoretical introduction this book helps you get a better understanding of these special children. The writers focus on the possibilities of these children and in this way they give a touching glimpse into their world. It has been written for all people who deal with children with an intellectual disability or who want to know more about them.

Picto program.

Children with intellectual disability are usually more visually oriented. They think more easily in images than in words. A spoken word is immediately gone, a picture remains longer visible. The child has than more time to understand the message. Therefore picto’s are developed. Download this Free handy  computer program with more than 15,000 picto’s:

Book Kew Word Signs

Children with intellectual disabilities need more time to understand and to speak language. Spoken language can only be heard, but by using signs or gestures, the language can also be seen. That’s why Kew Word Signs have been developed. This book contains 150 illustrations of Key Word Signs. For parents, caregivers, Grandpa’s and grandmas, teachers and people working in health care, this is a useful (Free) tool.This book is only available in Indonesian.

Key word Signs and picto’s in the classroom


How do you recognize children with a mild or moderate intellectual disability?

Poster 1 “Signs of Unique Child”

How do you give guidance to children with a mild or moderate Intellectual disability?

Poster 2 “Skills Caregiver Unique Child “

Dutch poster.

English poster.

Indonesian poster.